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Guides and resources to help anyone who wants to use technology to make a positive social impact.

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# Get Started

Browse the Guide online here, and contribute changes via GitHub issues (opens new window).

# Download the Catalog

The entire catalog of resources, organizations, and tools can be downloadeded as an exportable CSV or Excel file. You can download the entire dataset here (opens new window) — I ask that you pay what you can to help support the effort that went into this project.

This project is maintained by Gabriel Krieshok (opens new window), and you can help support this work more generally by buying him a coffee (opens new window)

# Tech4Good Field Guide

Finally, if you want even more, I wrote a book (opens new window) which incorporates many of these resources, as well as additional history, context, and how-tos for using Tech4Good resources. Check it out (opens new window).

# Acknowledgements

These links are the result of many people's experiences working in the field in many locations around the world.

Most of this guide was prepared through many nights and weekends by me, Gabriel Krieshok (opens new window) -- and with amazing help from Henry Bruce (opens new window), Annie Legge (opens new window), Derek Caelin (opens new window), and Matt Haikin (opens new window).

# Platform Details

This part of the guide is 100% made with VuePress (opens new window), which is a static site generator, allowing you to build documentation like this from Markdown files automatically.

Feel free to fork and install local versions to your heart's content.