# Why a Tech4Good Guide

This Guide came out of my own years of experience working at the intersection of technology and social development, primarily working in global environments and contexts. I found myself hoping that there was a collection of these resources, ideas, and assistance that I could reference as I went along in my own journey. Finding none that fit exactly what I needed, I decided to compile my findings as I went.

That said, there are coming into focus a few organizations that have begun to steward these references — the Digital Impact Alliance at an organizational level, and the Digital Health Atlas for the health sector are two notable examples.

However, I found that there was still a gap to understanding, and in aggregating all of these resources, sectors, and tools into one place in an accessible but not daunting resources.

I realize of course, that the minute a document like this gets finalized, the clock starts running on how long its able to stay current. This document is by no means comprehensive, and I would encourage your help in adding to the list!

I also manage the OpenTech4Good website, which houses these resources in an updated, dynamic table that can be sorted and filtered, which can be found here.